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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How young is to young and how old is to old to come to your salon?

There is no age limit, we can cut newborns hair all the way to adults.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

Appointments are recommended at this time. We do accept walk-ins, however our booked customers come first so there may be a wait if you plan on just dropping in.

Q: Can I bring my child with special needs to your salon?

Please do! Our salon welcomes children who are in wheelchairs, children who have sensory issues or any other special needs. We will give your child any kind of special attention that is needed. 

Q: Can I bring my child to the salon if they have lice?

Unfortunately, no. If your child has lice and you know that from the get go we will ask that you reschedule. By law we are not allowed to proceed with any hair service if lice or nits are found.

Q: What if my child is to overwhelmed or upset and we cannot finish his haircut?

We will take every step possible to make sure that your child gets a full and finished haircut, however if you feel at any time that your child is to upset to finish their haircut we will allow a one week window that you can come back for a discounted price to finish things up.

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